Grinding the tree stump down to mulch

Tree Stump Removal

If you need tree stump removal services and you are located in the Greater St. Louis area, including the St. Louis Metro East, you have come to the right place.

After a tree is taken down, it is important to consider removing the stump. Our tree care specialist can remove your tree stump safely and efficiently. Don’t prolong removing a tree stump as it can cause more issues than you might think.

Why you should remove tree stumps:

  • Spreading roots can threaten sidewalks or foundations.
  • Stumps take a long time to decompose
  • Prevents infestations of bees, wasps, hornets, termites, other insects, or even larger animals.
  • Prevents further spreading of diseased wood to healthy trees and shrubs.
  • Tree stumps are ugly and detract from the beauty and value of your home or business property.
  • Exposed stumps have the potential to be a safety hazard for slip and fall injury lawsuits.
  • A tree stump can damage lawn mowers. In addition, removing it will make mowing your yard easier, faster and safer.
  • Your yard will have a clean improved look and appear larger.

We always take away the excess stump grindings. We will not leave you stuck with a mountain of debris to deal with. We are always do a thorough cleanup at the end of every job.

Tree roots can be very deep, so please do not try to hook a chain to your vehicle and try to pull it out. You could damage the vehicle by twisting its frame or even set off the air bags. Chains can also snap causing damage to the vehicle or injury to nearby property or people.

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