Tree and Shrub Installation

While much of our time and energy is focused on removing trees, Rite-A-Way Tree and Landscaping Services also enjoys helping our customers select and plant the appropriate replacement trees and shrubs to fill the void within their landscapes.

Rite-A-Way Tree and Landscaping Services has relationships with local nurseries and tree farms meaning that our customers are able to select top-of-the-line plant material that is acclimated to our area. It is important to replace trees with trees that will thrive in our geographic area.

A Rite-A-Way employee will schedule a consultation with you to discuss the best plant replacement options for your specific needs. When it comes to the installation process, we will plant your new trees or shrubs with the utmost care taking the time required to follow the proper horticultural practices to ensure success. After care of newly installed trees and shrubs is crucial for the plants vigor. Rite-A-Way Tree and Landscaping Services can perform the after care items such as watering or fertilization as part of an overall tree maintenance program. At a minimum, we will provide detailed instruction to our client for the tree or shrub’s optimal success.

A few points to consider:

  • Selecting native species can increase the success of the new tree or shrub.
  • When planting a tree the hole should be dug 2 times wider than the rootball, especially near the top of the hole.
  • The root flare of the tree should not be buried under soil or mulch.
  • Adequate watering is a key component in the establishment of new plant material.
  • Removing as much of the wire basket and burlap from a tree root ball is desired.
  • Staking of newly planted trees is not always necessary. In fact staking or guying can actually produce a tree that is not as strong.