Root Collar Excavation

A common occurrence in urban landscapes is the burying of a tree’s root flare. This can occur when a tree is installed improperly or be the result of years of mulching. No matter the cause why the root flare is buried, it will have a negative impact on the vigor of the tree. When the root flare is buried it invites the establishment of girdling roots and promotes rot in the tree trunk. Luckily Rite-A-Way Tree Service can perform a root collar excavation around your trees to alleviate these conditions. With the aid of an air spade our team will remove the built up organic material around the trunk exposing the root flair. During the process, any girdling roots will also be pruned away. Select Rite-A-Way Tree Service to complete this task, your trees will thank you!

Vertical Mulching and Radial Trenching

Compaction of the soils within the tree drip line can have an adverse effect on the trees within your landscape. 80% of tree roots are found in the upper 12 inches of the soil. Luckily this compaction can begin to be combated by contacting Rite-A-Way Tree Service to perform vertical mulching and radial trenching around your trees.

We use an air spade to create holes and trenches in the compacted soil around the tree. The voids will be backfilled with a porous mixture of sand and compost which is sometimes buffered with nutrients and microbes to give your tree an even bigger boost. The reduction of compaction around your trees is a key factor in increasing its survival chances and allowing it to thrive.

Support System

When the growth structure of a tree is not able to be corrected, such as large co-dominant trunks or another hazard potential is present, sometimes installation of a support system can be of assistance.

Rite-A-Way Tree Service can evaluate your tree and offer recommendations for installation of static cables, dynamic support systems, or bracing as appropriate. While support systems cannot completely eliminate hazardous potential, they may reduce such risk to a palatable level.

Lightning Protection

Do you have a high value tree within your landscape that you would like to protect from the threat of lightning strike? If you answered yes then contacting Rite-A-Way is a great place to start.

We will design an appropriate lightning protection system for your at risk tree and will install the system in a prompt and professional manner. An improperly designed and installed lightning protection system can damage existing utilities such as irrigation systems or water supplies. That is why it is important to select a trained professional. At the time of installation, we will discuss the importance of a yearly inspection that will preserve the life of the system and will ensure that all components are functioning as they should.